David Guthrie Testimonial
Colin Wilson-Brown
Head of The Clinic

“I had the pleasure of working with David for 3 years when I was CEO at FCB Australia.

I have worked with several smart Finance Directors during my long advertising career – and David is most certainly one of those. More than that, there are some personal characteristics that set David apart from the others. He loves advertising and creative work; he is hugely enthusiastic; he is a team player; he is a “can do” and “what if?” man…..and he is 100% trustworthy and a super guy. All he needs is some hair.”
Colin Wilson Brown


Michael Collinson Testimonial
from Sean Cummins
Executive Director of Cummins Ross

“I have known David and Michael for nearly 20 years. During the last 13 years Michael was my partner in an agency that grew from nothing ( actually a little less than that) to being financially musclebound.

What I can say at the most intrinsic level is Michael offers a friendly face of finance. But his affable nature belies his ruthless pursuit of good financial governance. Key to his philosophy is strong cash flow management. He has perfected this skill and can bring this discipline to your business. He works well with people who are too busy to sweat the details. He will provide big picture analysis and strong and workable strategic advice. He understands the creative business. But most of all keeps it running like a business.”
Sean Cummins | Executive Director


Adsum Testimonial
from Gawen Rudder
Business Services & Advice, The Communications Council

“I have known Michael and David long enough to know there isn’t much these guys don’t know about forward planning, cash flow, managing growth, negotiating contracts and all the financial essentials in running a successful marcomms business today. When you need more than a book keeper they could well be your go-to boys.”
Gawen Rudder, Manager I Business Services & Advice
The Communications Council

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