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Business Fitness Test

How healthy is your business?

Adsum has developed a “Business Fitness Test” that provides an overview of key operational, financial and compliance areas of your business, giving you an accurate snapshot of your business.

We’ll review critical areas of your business and then give you a written report on our analysis, including:
• Profitability – ratio analysis
• Cashflow
• Budgets
• Management Reports
• Operational – systems and processes
• Compliance – contractual and statutory and regulatory obligations


Essential for any successful business, a properly constructed, accurate budget:
• Allows you to set goals and manage your performance against those goals;
• Gives you the information to make informed decisions;
• Allows you to take control of your business and reach your desired destination sooner.

Adsum can help you:
• Design and build a budget to track business performance;
• Develop performance targets to compare actual results against;
• Create different budget scenarios so you can plan for changing circumstances;
• Review actual performance against budget and find ways to improve results.

Business Systems

David and Michael have worked with most of the advertising accounting systems available and have extensive knowledge of their capabilities and limitations.

So when we discovered Accountability we were so impressed with its capability that we decided to become distributors.

AccountAbility is a complete online business management and accounting solution developed specifically for marketing and communications businesses.

Simple, powerful and affordable, AccountAbility is fully integrated with Basecamp©, one of the world’s leading online project collaboration tools.”

Adsum are agents for AccountAbility, a complete online business management and accounting solution developed specifically for marketing and communications businesses.
Simple, powerful and affordable, AccountAbility is fully integrated with Basecamp©, one of the world’s leading online project collaboration tools.

AccountAbility provides:
• Better decision-making capabilities
AccountAbility can provide both a snapshot-in-time look at your organisation, as well as detailed reports and other data necessary for long-term strategic planning.
• Improved cash flow
AccountAbility’s integrated billing, inventory, accounts receivable and accounts payable will allow you to manage that valuable cash more easily and efficiently. Better cash management gives you more options for revenue-generating campaigns and long-term growth.
• More accurate information
AccountAbility not only gives you more information at your fingertips, but more accurate information.
• More control
AccountAbility provides real-time access to your organisation’s critical financial information, giving you greater control and the ability to more efficiently manage every component of your business.
• Productivity Improvements
AccountAbility significantly improves productivity and is available wherever you have internet access. It will transform the way you run your business.
• A foundation for growth
AccountAbility will grow along with your organisation, allowing for additional users and offering the kinds of reports and other business intelligence data required.
• Cost effective and worry-free usage
Forget about investing in hardware, servers and other software, or worrying about maintenance or backups. AccountAbility is a fully-maintained, secure online system accessible from anywhere.

Let Adsum show you how AccountAbility can revolutionise your business.

Client Audit

A client audit can be daunting and you may not have resources to prepare all the necessary information.

Adsum can help you by:
• Collating and preparing required information;
• Dealing with the client Auditor on your behalf;
• Providing an informed “industry” perspective on any issues.

Client Contract Negotiation

Client negotiations can be fraught and reaching a win/win outcome is always difficult.

With our extensive experience negotiating commercial arrangements, Adsum can help you reach the best result for your business and ensure your interests are protected.

Client Profitability

It’s absolutely critical for every service business to know where its profits are coming from, how profitable various clients are and whether its staff are productive.

Adsum can help you design and build a client profitability reporting system, develop benchmarks to track performance and provide ongoing reviews of actual results against established benchmarks.

Client Remuneration

Your client remuneration arrangements can make the difference between your business prospering or struggling to make ends meet.

At Adsum, we’ve had extensive experience developing a variety of client remuneration arrangements and know what works, what doesn’t and how to go about getting the best remuneration outcome.

We can help you formulate and negotiate client remuneration arrangements to ensure you’re well rewarded for the services you provide.

Cost Control

How can you save money without adversely impacting your business or reducing operating capability?

Adsum can help you answer this question by working with you to identify opportunities to minimize cost and find efficiencies.

Finance Resources

You may have your own Finance person but do you know whether critical finance functions are being performed properly?

Adsum can oversee their work and ensure that:
• Invoices are entered and dispatched quickly, and debtors are kept up to date so you have an accurate position of outstanding invoices, reducing bad debts and maintaining cash flow.
• Supplier invoices are processed quickly and accurately so you can keep track of your outstanding expenses and pay bills on time. This also gives you accurate upcoming cash outlays to help you manage your cash flows.
• Bank and Credit Card Reconciliations are prepared routinely.
• You’re fully compliant with Payroll, Superannuation & PAYG obligations.
• Your BAS & IAS are completed accurately on time and your records are up to date so you avoid late lodgment penalties.
• P&L and Balance Sheet reports Monthly, Weekly etc. are managed systematically and efficiently so you have up to date financial data essential for making business decisions.

If your finance resource leaves, Adsum can help you find an experienced replacement who’s a perfect match for your business.

Management Reporting

To run your business effectively, you need the right financial information, prepared quickly and accurately.

Adsum can develop a tailored monthly management reporting package that will give you all the information you need to review performance and manage your business effectively.

We can also meet with you monthly to review the results and help formulate action plans.

Mergers/Sales Acquisition

If you’re looking to sell your business, Adsum can help guide you on how to position your business for maximum financial return and advise on the best possible structures for sale or merger.

And when it comes to the actual “deal”, Adsum can work with other specialist advisors to negotiate the best possible outcome.

Rate Card

Are your rates industry competitive? Have you structured them appropriately to reflect your business reality?

Adsum can build a rate card for your business and/or benchmark your current rate card against industry standards.

Revenue Maximisation

You want to increase your revenue from clients. How do you charge for your new service offerings? Have you created passive revenue streams?

Adsum can help create new revenue streams, maximize existing revenue and improve revenue extraction.


Adsum can help you with a variety of staff and related HR issues.

How do your salary levels compare with the rest of the industry? We can provide industry salary benchmarking data so you know exactly how competitive your salaries are.

Are your employment contracts properly structured? If not you could be exposing your business to unnecessary risk. We’ll review your employment contracts to ensure they include key terms and fully comply with employment law.

We can also advise you on best practice remuneration arrangements, including how to establish meaningful incentive programs to keep your staff motivated and align their objectives with the business.

Adsum can even help recruit your finance staff.

Succession Planning

When the time comes to exit your business, you’ll want to extract the best possible value.

If you don’t plan for succession, it will inevitably be the result of a crisis.

Adsum can help create an exit strategy for your business, develop a succession plan and work with you to manage the transition along the way.

Work Processes

Is your work-flow management system operating efficiently? Do you have documented internal processes? Are they being followed? Are you losing out through inefficient and out dated work practices?

Adsum can review your existing work processes and advise on the most appropriate process for your business. We can also create templates and processes or advise on external tools to standardize workflow and improve efficiency.

Working Capital/Cashflow Analysis

Has your business experienced cashflow problems? Do you have cash that should be in your bank tied up in outstanding debts? Do you know what you cashflow cycle is?

Having sufficient cashflow is vital to business survival.

Adsum can help you manage and maximise your cashflow.


At Adsum, we’re available to act as your CFO, your trusted business advisor, or your business partner.

We know the industry and understand the issues you face, the pressures you’re under and can work with you to help your business grow and prosper.

If your business is confronting any of the following developments, you should contact Adsum today:
• Establishing a new services offering
• Implementing new financial software
• Changing ownership or key executives
• Experiencing rapid growth or rapid decline
• Major new business opportunities or producing an RFP
• Recently winning or losing a major client

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