Why Adsum got involved with AccountAbility

Terry McMillan founded AccountAbility Access in 2008. After more than 20 years in developing software systems targeted at ad agencies and communications companies, Terry recognised that some fundamental changes were occurring in agencies and other communications businesses.

• Work practices were changing rapidly in the advertising and communications industry – staff were spending more time working at home or otherwise away from the office. They needed a way to access the company’s systems that was fast, simple and inexpensive wherever they happened to be working from.
• Younger people coming into the industry expected and demanded easy to learn and easy to use solutions that were web based
• Profit margins continued to be squeezed, meaning that efficient management of resources, in particular the management of staff time on producing client work was becoming even more important for growth and survival.
• Time-poor staff needed to get up and running with company systems quickly and easily, without the need for expensive and time-consuming systems.
• The growth in fee based client remuneration systems meant that working out which clients were profitable, and which weren’t, was essential. Companies could no longer assume that just because everyone was busy working on client jobs, that they were making money.

As a result, Terry believed the legacy ‘installed software’ based systems in the market no longer provided the industry with the tools they needed to run their businesses effectively.

In 2008 Terry founded AccountAbility Access to develop a solution that matched the changing needs of the industry, focussed on some clear objectives, a system which:

• Staff could access from anywhere
• Was functionally rich, but simple to learn and easy to use without the need for significant training
• Client service and creative staff were happy to use because it made their job easier – not just because management and finance told them they had to use it
• Could be implemented and maintained with a minimum of time and cost
• Required no up front capital investment by the customer to purchase up front software licenses, or investment in physical infrastructure (servers, networks, specialised software etc.)

By 2008 it was becoming clear that SaaS or ‘Software as a Service’ was rapidly emerging as the logical future direction for delivery of business software. Cloud computing – in other words software delivered over the internet – was clearly the way of the future.

Terry and his team of Developers spent 2008 and the early part of 2009 designing and developing the first release of AccountAbility. In early 2009 the first companies went live with AccountAbility, since that time the service has continued to evolve rapidly, both here in Australia and overseas.

AccountAbility has now matured to the point of allowing us to focus on more rapid expansion of our customer base. The positive experiences of the companies who have adopted AccountAbility prove that it is a highly effective and flexible solution. For both large and small businesses it significantly helps improve their business processes, controls and most importantly their profitability.

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